Everyone knows the story of when Rul, the Moon of Making, came to Everhaim in human form and presented the Emperor Zuld a magical timepiece shaped like a scale model of the universe. Rul’s sister Cordiat, the Moon of Discord, found the god’s admiration of mankind both despicable and foolish and cursed the clock so that its destruction would mean the world’s collapse. Legend says the clock granted great longevity and strength to Zuld and all men who would touch it, making it an object of envy for the other races and nations of the world. Soon Zuld’s empire found itself in a war on all fronts, and the ultimate sacking of the city of Zuldapar proved Cordiat’s curse very real, leading to what history now calls The Unmaking, where the earth broke open, seas swallowed entire continents, and the face of the world was changed into what it is today. Tales abound of what happened to Zuldapar and the ancient clock, specifically the keystone piece of the model, a sphere shaped to resemble Everhaim itself known as per daolos, or the Foundation Stone. Some say the Stone can open portals to other worlds, others say it is a conduit for inconceivable magical power, but the most common story is that he who uncovers the stone and restores it to its home in Zuldapar will usher in a new age heal all the wounds of Everhaim.

In the Corgosan Empire, it has become a tradition for each new emperor to call for the Quest for the Foundation Stone, a sort of race between bands of adventurers to make the long journey north to the ruins of Zuldapar and reclaim the Stone for his descendants.

Your tale begins in Raelorum, the heart of civilization, where all roads lead. The new emperor Marcam Courgain II has announced twenty-four days of celebration and elaborate competitions to determine the nine quaestra (team of four) that will race to Zuldapar, for fortune and glory to be unmatched for ages.

Everhaim - The Unmaking

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