The Gods

Lux (LOOKS) – The Sun. The All-Father. Lord of Joy and Summer. Breather of life into Everhaim. Imprisoned and shackled to Everhaim by his wife Nyca, day and night is a constant struggle symbolized by their pursuit of each other.
  • Alignment – Good
  • Domains – Day, Joy, Hope, Prosperity, Summer, Dawn, Music, Rebirth, Renewal
  • Dogma – A new dawn is always near. Give warmth to the cold. Be a guiding beacon for those lost in darkness and despair.
Nyca (NEE-ca) – The Shade. The Endless Night. Lady Evening. The Blind Seer. Shaper of Everhaim and the infinite possibilities. Weaver of dreams and keeper of the deepest secrets. Constant pursuant and antithesis of Lux the Sun.
  • Alignment – Evil.
  • Domains – Night, Sorrow, Winter, Dreams, Secrets, Prophecy,
  • Dogma – The night never sleeps. Life is full of miseries – Allow them to empower you. All is possible in the shadows. Guard their secrets with your life, and use them for your gain.

The Moons

Thaeris – (Tair – EES) – The Mother Moon. The Virgin Moon. The Healing Hand. Sacrificed her own blood to free her brother Oro from Nyca’s control. Bringer of spring. Matron of mothers and children. Cursed by her mother Nyca for failing to cure her blindness so that any touch would always cause her pain. A virgin goddess known for her interminable mercy.
  • Alignment – Good
  • Domains – Family, Medicine, Fertility, Wilderness, Agriculture, Temperance, Spring, Dance
  • Dogma – Reap and you will sow. All deserve a chance for retribution, given proper penance. Always care for the sick and tend to the wounded, do your best to ease pain. Blood is thicker than water.
Oro – (OAR – oh) – The Blood Moon. The Guardian Moon. The Arbiter. The largest Moon in the sky, his five year cycle is the basis for elections of the Vocasant. The maker of Law and the keystone of civilization. Ancient Dutharran rulers traced their ancestry to him directly. Champion of honorable combat and vigilant justice. Stern punisher of the wicked. His brother Caern is his antithesis.
  • Alignment – Lawful Good
  • Domains – Law, Government, Protection, Strength, Judgment, Valor, Battle, Justice, Civilization, Fire, Courage, The Seas
  • Dogma – Maintain the sanctity of the law, as it exists for the good of man. To be a king, one must first be a man. A brother in arms is a brother in blood. Never break your word. Judge fairly yet firmly. A man’s deeds are his greatest advocate. A man who fears to compete has already failed. Power is not to be abused: your power exists to prevent this.
Rul – (ROOL) – The Sage Moon. The Watcher. The Time-Keeper. The Hand of Making. His love for mankind is renowned. He is the creator of time, and its constant monitor. Inventors and craftsmen frequently pray to him for inspiration as well as a steady hand in creation. Rul is the creator of magic and the rules by which it typically abides. It was his intention to entrust its secrets to Everhaim’s wisest, but Cordiat stole it from him and released it into the world, where it now thrives unchecked.
  • Alignment – Unaligned
  • Domains – Knowledge, Skill, Time, Astronomy, Curiosity, Magic, Language, Travel, Change
  • Dogma – Knowledge is power. Never stop learning, never stop exploring. There is always more to know, and more can always be done. Challenge those who would keep knowledge from anyone seeking it. Reason before wrath.
Agna – (AHG – na) – The Serpent Moon. The Cruel Moon. The Blight Moon. Agna’s Moon is a deep greenish-yellow, the color of sickness. Her crescent manifestation gives her first name. She is the spreader of disease, suffering and pain, but not death, as it gives her no pleasure. She is also the image of fright. She has no ambition other than her own enjoyment and is often at odds with her other siblings who see themselves as protectors of mankind.
  • Alignment – Evil
  • Domains – Pain, Suffering, Disease, Decay, Serpents, Vermin, Autumn, Fear
  • Dogma – The best pleasure is found through pain. Master fear and master yourself. Mercy is for the weak, and the weak are delicious to destroy. You cannot stop death, but you can make it welcome for someone.
Caern – (KAYRN) – The Dread Moon. The Reckoning Moon. The Stormbringer. Caern’s Moon is a dull gray, an oppressive symbol when visible in the night sky (he and Agna are both only visible at night). He is the brute force to Oro’s gentle hand, the sword to his shield. Both were great warriors and could never defeat each other in battle, and can never see eye to eye on how to punish the wicked and rule the lesser. Those seeking vengeance often pray to him. In art he is depicted either in full closed helm and blood-stained armor. In poetry he is companion to Agna, but also disgusted in her. In Raelorum’s square there is a statue of Caern and Oro locked in a hand to hand struggle. Warriors pray to both – to Oro for valor, to Caern for victory. Caern and Oro are the largest Moons and thusly hold the greatest influence over the tides. In myth, he is in constant contention with Oro for dominion over the seas.
  • Alignment – Chaotic Evil
  • Domains – Wrath, Vengeance, Punishment, Tyranny, Conquest, War, Storms, The Sea
  • Dogma – There is no justice in war, and life is war. Pay blood with blood. Expect obedience, and exact it. Show no mercy, and expect none. Yours is the fury of the storm.
Cordiat – (KOR-di-AHT) – The Lover. The Mad Moon. The Rogue Moon. The most beautiful of the Moons, Cordiat’s pallor ranges from either pale pink to a violet and is completely unpredictable in the sky. Sometimes she’s there, sometimes she isn’t. She is a love and pleasure goddess, extolling the virtues of physical love, in compliment and sometimes contradiction to her sister Thaeris’ pure love. Cordiat is a trickster and can take love away or warp it at her whim. She is also the controller of the winds, fickle in nature as she is. When she stole away with her brother’s creation, magic, she tampered with its rules, making them flexible and unpredictable. Many pray to Cordiat for favor, for she has power of the rule of fate and has been known to frequently make and break deals with mortals.
  • Alignment – Unaligned
  • Domains – Love, Beauty, Drama, Fortune, The Winds, Trickery, Magic, Chaos, Freedom
  • Dogma – Ride the wind where it may take you, and love the ride. There are no rules but those you make. Love conquers all, one way or another. All that matters is that which is beautiful.
Grov – (GROVE) – The Moon That Fell. The Earthbound. The Deep One. The Collector. The Keeper. Grov was the Moon of wealth. He enjoyed every rich trinket his followers gave to him, and as legend went would visit man frequently to accept gifts personally. He loved the adulation so much that he chose to live among the people with all of his gifts. Soon he grew bored with the gifts and decided to keep the people themselves as his pets and playthings. When he tired of this and wanted to return he realized those who worshipped him now resented him for their treatment. Nyca offered her favorite son a deal. He could come home, as a shadow, if he left his gifts on Everhaim and returned them to the people. He refused, and Nyca cast him into the bowels of the earth. His punishment for challenging the order was to spend eternity underground, never to see the earth or the sky again. His domain is the hidden world of the deep, and the keeper of the dead too damned to spend eternity in the stars. He vows to return.
  • Alignment – Evil.
  • Domains – Vanity, Envy, Greed, Death, Imprisonment, The Deep, Wealth
  • Dogma – Wealth is power. Find what you want, and take it. Woe to those who dare steal from the Keeper. The Collector comes for everyone.

Basic Astrology

Thaeris, Oro, and Rul are always visible, day or night. Agna and Caern are only visible at night, while Cordiat‘s appearances are unpredictable. The number of moons makes for more frequent eclipses as well as several different combinations. Magi study these phenomena and learn to interpret omens from them. For example, when Thaeris is eclipsed by Agna, it is a portent of plague, but when she is eclipsed by Oro, it is a warning to safeguard one’s family. Oro is only ever eclipsed by Caern, and vice-versa. When the Moons align together it is known as Convergence. No one living has ever witnessed one, but there is one known occurrence on record, dating close to a thousand years before the compilation of the Lucaeron, around the year of the Unmaking.

Each of the Six Moons also has its own pattern of phasing and orbit that it follows—this gauges their influence on world events.

Thaeris and Agna’s phasing pattern is roughly two months (one season) and are in compliment with each other. They each orbit Everhaim once every two years.

Season Thaeris Agna
Spring Full New
Summer Waning Waxing
Autumn New Full
Winter Waxing Waning

Rul’s phasing pattern is a predictable 36 days, the shortest of all the Moons, and is the basis for the calendar month. His orbital pattern is the basis for the calendar year. Rul is often used by navigators to find their way at sea.

Oro’s orbital pattern is three years, and is the basis for elections of the Vocasant. His phasing pattern lasts between three and four months. Caern’s pattern compliments Oro’s for the most part but his orbit is slightly longer, closer to seven years. Only Caern eclipses Oro, and this is rare. When seen it is an omen of war.

Cordiat is the smallest Moon but also the brightest. She does not seem to have a phasing pattern of any kind since when she appears she is always full. Her appearances vary greatly in frequency as well as duration. Her longest appearance was when Rul eclipsed her seventy-five years ago, where she remained in sight for nearly nine years. Interestingly enough, it ushered in a sweeping movement in art and music still felt today.

It is an ancient belief among Magi that if their patron moon does not hold dominion in the sky, the use of magic is dangerous. For example, Thaerisi Magi do not perform bleedings in the fall or winter, believing it not only sacrilege and disrespectful to Agna but also incredibly dangerous. Iana Vul Thaerisi contested this belief (among others) and defied the temple’s will and earned an excommunication for her efforts. Siralos Coran Rulosi also attempted to debunk this belief when he published The Nature of Clamor, a treatise theorizing magic as a non-divine force. He was also excommunicated, and all known copies of his book were either lost or burned.

The Gods

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